Sunday, January 01, 2006

Word Power

30-01-2006 to 04-02-2006
1. Articulate: Jointed; To speak distinclty.
2. Artifacts: Things made by human workmanship.
3. Artifice: Machination; Tactic; Stratagem.
4. Ascendancy: Dominating Influence.
5. Ascertain: Certify; Establish; Verify.
6. Ascetic: A person who lives a life of austerity; a strict hemit.

06-02-2006 to 11-02-2006
1. Ascribe: To attribute; Impute; Assign.
2. Asinine: Absurd; Idiotic.
3. Askance: Sideways; Obliquely.
4. Askew: Aslant; Awry; Crooked; Lopsided.
5. Asperity: Acrimony; harskness; bitter coldness.
6. Aspersion: Claumny; Slender.

13-02-2006 to 18-02-2006
1. Aspire: Desire
2. Assail: To attack
3. Assay: Analyse; Appraise.
4. Assent: To express agreement (to,with); Approve of; Consent.
5. Assessment: Appraisal; Judgement.
6. Assiduous: Industrious.

29-02-2006 to 04-02-2006
1. Draconian: Too harsh.
2. Palatable: Pleasant-tasting.
3. Insipid: Dull; Flavourless.
4. Raconteur: One who tells stories in entertaining manner.
5. Pacifism: Belief peaceful resolution of conflicts.
6. Belligerence: The quality of aggression; The quality of always being ready to start a fight.

06-02-2006 to 11-02-2006
1. Flotsam: Wreckage.
2. Jejune: Ingenuous.
3. Appurtenance: Opportunism.
4. Beatific: Blissful.
5. Stultify: Deaden.
6. Febrile: Feverish.

13-02-2006 to 18-02-2006
1. Animadversion: A disapproving comment.
2. Trenchant: Energetic
3. Phantasmagorical: A series of images seen as if dream; Everchanging Scene.
4. Nebulous: Unclear.
5. Sinuous: Simple and Graceful.
6. Quotidian: Common place; Done daily.

Word Power Made Easy 

1. Penury: Absence of money. Stinginess, Absolute starvation.
2. Parsimony: It is synonym of Penury with only difference that if Parsimonious person is stingy then Penurious person is twice stingy.
3. Indigence: It is somewhat milder word for poverty than Penury. Thus Indigence people are not absolutely penniless.
4. Destitution: It is close synonym of Penury and of equal strength. Destitute people do not have even means of subsistence.


Words are mightier than Sword!

1. Worth the trouble
2. Nothing beats


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